The Visual Thinker’s Guide: The Story So Far . . . November 18, 2012

By Gary L. Cole AIA, Esq. / Attorney & Architect

Recognizing that new readers may prefer to absorb the series in one document, all installments of “The Visual Thinker’s Guide to Understanding and Communicating Construction Contract Essentials” that have been published to date on this website can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking HERE.  Each time a new installment is published, an updated PDF that adds the current article to the existing ones will also be published.

Some readers have requested that I notify them by email upon my next posting of a “Visual Thinker’s Guide” installment. I’m more than happy to do so for anyone who emails me directly at and simply puts “Receive Visual Thinker Updates” in the email Subject line.

Copyright Gary L. Cole AIA, Esq. 2012


Gary L. Cole AIA, Esq. is Chicago-based Illinois and Florida-licensed attorney and Illinois-licensed architect. He practices design & construction law, real estate law, historic preservation law, accessibility law, is an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association’s Construction Division, is a Certified Mediator, and is a consultant and an expert witness in civil construction, historic preservation and federal accessibility litigation. He can be contacted at

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