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Accessibility Dispute Resolutions & Legal Defense

Gary L. Cole AIA, Esq. provides legal services intended to not only resolve accessibility disputes under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines and other local, state and federal accessibility requirements quickly, but to find in those resolutions opportunities for minimizing the future risk of legal liability and for enhancing business opportunities with the disability community.

Property and business owners who provide greater accessibility to their services, products and programs, expand their potential consumer base, which can lead to greater sales and revenue. The disability communities are very aware of businesses that respect and make reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities. Also, many people, especially as they age, do not identify themselves as disabled, but still recognize that they’re experiencing greater sensory and mobility limitations and benefit from enhanced property accessibility.

As both an architect and an attorney, Mr. Cole has successfully represented public entities and business owners in resolving accessibility disputes by seeking solutions that not only comply with applicable legal and physical requirements for accessibility, but to the extent physically and economically feasible, exceed them. This accomplishes two important goals: to provide greater access to persons with disabilities – thereby enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities and expanding a business owner’s potential user and customer base – and, it builds in tolerances for construction or operational errors, thereby reducing the risk of future legal claims.

Combining his architect’s design and construction experience with his attorney’s legal expertise in local, state and federal accessibility laws to find responsible and lasting accessibility solutions, Mr. Cole can help identify how businesses may increase their opportunities to attract disabled or impaired patrons. By examining businesses’ physical facilities and policies, or their plans for construction, he can identify problems and recommend changes that are intended to enhance accessibility for disabled persons, create business opportunities and manage the risk of costly legal disputes.

Mr. Cole has represented numerous public entities, retail and restaurant property owners, hotels, hospitals, and educational institutions in accessibility disputes in Illinois, Florida and Washington, D.C.

Dispute Resolution Legal Services

– Litigation

– Mediation

– Arbitration

– Negotiated Settlements

– Accessibility Advocate Bridge Building

Expert Witness Services

Risk Management/Business Opportunity Legal Services

– Contractual review for risk exposure

– Accessibility Surveys/Existing Condition Reports

– Design Review/Coordination with Design Professionals

– Accessibility/Historic Preservation Exceptions

– Public Programmatic Review

– Training